Some advice when thinking about driveway designs .There is a wide choice of materials  to create your driveway and meet your needs. As a general rule it is better not to remove all the planting areas from a driveway area if possible as this will create a softer ,more pleasing to the eye driveway
It is also Important to choose a material that suits your property ,same goes for the colour choice. As an example if your property is victorian or edwardian then the use of cobbled paviors will look the best and match the character of the property
As an alternative to plain straight borders you could always choose to have the planters curved. This  option creates a more interesting planter as can been seen by this example. The use of bullnose kerbs can emphasise a planted area, bullnose kerbs usually come in 2 sizes ,either a low  kerb or a high kerb, example shown here is low  kerb You could choose to use  a selection of  different materials 
There are many features that can be added to your driveway   Driveway borders can be enhanced with the use different blocks or blocks in different colours, again the possibilities are endless