Block paving has become the number one choice for driveways over recent years, it is easy to maintain, repair and is cost effective. most paving manufacturers eg brett and Marshalls have extensive choices of patterns and materials, making it easy for you to select a suitable product for your project

Block paviors come in varing thickness`s, 50mm up to 80 mm. 50mm paviors are suitable for domestic driveway use ,60mm paviors are for heavier duty areas and 80mm paviors for roadways. We use 60mm blocks for all our driveways as 50mm blocks although suitable for most driveways would not be suitable for driveways of high traffic use especially by

4 wheel drive vehicles. 80 mm blocks are not necessary for domestic driveway use


Examples of some of our blockpave driveways can be viewed here




After Installation it is important to maintain your driveway to keep it in in good condition,details